Who are?

We are  A web services company that provides all the tools you need to run a successful website.  Whether it be a simple blog or a retail site, we have all the pieces of the puzzle.  

Why the name MogaMonkey?  

MOGA stands for "Most Outrageous Group Activity".  What is more of a group activity than the internet?  Not to mention some of the most outrageous activities happen there too.  We provide the tools needed for you to be a part of the action and participate as a group in helping the families of children fighting cancer.

We have teamed up with CURE Childhood Cancer in memory of Catie Wilkins to help find a cure.  We have dedicated to donate 20% of all of our profits to the Catie Wilkins Memorial Fund.  This includes all of the quality and affordable services provided by MogaMonkey. 

Imagine!  What would be a more outrageous group activity than playing a role in finding a CURE simply by simply registering a domain name with us or allowing us to provide you with the best quality hosting on the internet!